Strategic Risk Management for Commercial Property Taxes 

A Guide for CFOs and VPs of Tax 



More than ever, CFOs and VPs of Tax are being tasked with bringing strategic contributions to overall organizational strategy. Property taxes, for both real estate and business personal property, pose a unique challenge. Unlike other tax obligations, these taxes can increase without warning, while also presenting significant opportunities for savings.

The only way to manage the risk of unforeseen increases and maximize cost savings from property taxes is through proactive tax management. In doing so, financial executives can create significant value for their organization by directly and strategically contributing to the financial well-being of the company.


This free guide covers the following :

  • Is your financial strategy creating value for your organization?

  • 5 risks of an unexpected increase to your commercial property taxes

  • 5 best practices for successful property tax management

  • Property tax management KPIs you need to be monitoring

  • 5 reasons you may need to consider outsourcing your property tax management