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Real Tax Savings Stories From Our Clients

Through our extensive market knowledge and exhaustive research process, RPTA commands a 90-percent success rate for property tax appeals and an average property tax reduction of 31 percent for our clients.

We’ll let our success speak for itself.


Property Type: Corporate Headquarters

Location: Northeastern U.S. 

Industry: Financial Services

Opportunity: Fortune 50 company’s world headquarters

Strategy: Leverage market conditions, sales history, expense ratio studies, cap rate extractions, market rental analysis and geography to analyze property value.

Results: $50m value reduction | $770,700 tax savings | $1.71 per square foot reduction in operating expenses.


Property Type: Branch Office

Location: East Coast

Industry: Insurance

Opportunity: Fortune 500 company’s office location was under audit and the accounting records were imprecise.

Strategy: Reviewed assets and worked with auditor to avoid large liability, appealed penalties.

Results: $128,000 of avoided taxes & $2,100 in penalties waived.


Property Type: 11 Million Square Foot Industrial Portfolio

Location: San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Riverside County, California 

Opportunity: Leverage occupancy and income statistics to create tax savings for a 42-property portfolio. 

Strategy: Leverage California’s Proposition 8 to prove loss in value through market conditions, average occupancy throughout portfolio and contract length of leases to lower overall property taxes for the portfolio.

Results: $175m value reduction | $2m tax savings | $0.18 per square foot reduction in operating expenses. 


Property Type: Manufacturing Plant

Location: West Coast

Industry: Food Products

Opportunity: Fortune 500 company’s manufacturing plant under audit.

Strategy: Reviewed assets to identify opportunities, discussed valuation based on tables, idle status of some assets and obsolescence.  

Results: $7.5m - $8.2m value reduction per year| $150,000 tax savings. 


Property Type: Office Building, Corporate Regional Headquarters

Location: Suburban U.S.

Opportunity: Recent sale/leaseback reflected financial terms, not market conditions. 

Strategy: Leverage market limitations for sublease opportunities and several forms of functional and economic obsolescence.  

Results: $13m value reduction | $181,700 tax savings | $0.26 per square foot reduction in operating expenses. 


Property Type: 10 Million Square Foot Manufacturing Property Portfolio  

Location: Located Across 13 U.S. States

Opportunity: Average age of manufacturing plants in portfolio more than 50 years old. Functional and economic obsolescence present throughout, yet unaccounted for.

Strategy: Isolate and quantify the impact of inefficiencies attributable to the plants’ age and size. Propose new assessed value factoring in lower economic value due to age of buildings and equipment.  

Results: $44m value reduction | $1.4m tax savings | $0.05 per square foot reduction in operating expenses. 


Property Type: Manufacturing Plant 

Location: Southeastern U.S.

Opportunity: Property was assessed by cost but without adequate consideration of all forms of depreciation. 

Strategy: Quantify and prove the facility suffered from physical, economic and functional obsolescence. 

Results: $7m value reduction | $128,000 tax savings | $0.13 per square foot reduction in operating expenses. 


Property Type: Manufacturing Plant

Location: Midwest

Industry: Food Products

Opportunity: Fortune 500 company’s manufacturing plant not reviewed after acquisition from competitor.

Strategy: Reviewed assets to classify them more favorably for valuation, ensured that abated assets were correctly identified and reported. 

Results: $2.5m value reduction| $80,000 tax savings.


Property Type: Manufacturing Plant 

Location: Southeast

Industry: Plastics

Opportunity: Privately held company’s manufacturing plant had not been reviewed for property reporting.

Strategy: Reviewed assets and inventory to ensure proper taxation, filed for Freeport exemption on inventory.

Results: $2.2 value reduction | $54,000 tax savings.


“We had no idea that RPTA could deliver such a significant amount of savings to our bottom line!”

Senior Global Real Estate Manager, Global Security Solutions Company

“RPTA completed a consulting project for a leased space confirming and validating what we believe to be true in that market.”

VP, Corporate Real Estate, Global Technology Solutions 

“RPTA has delivered significant tax savings, positively impacting our debt reduction, liquidity and cash flow.”

Chief Financial Officer, Heavy Asset Manufacturing Companies

“Property tax is such a critical line item but we don’t have the expertise in-house. We count on RPTA to deliver the best property tax strategy and results for our company.”

Chief Financial Officer, Global Manufacturing of Plastics 

“RPTA’s service is invaluable as we have limited time and internal resources to devote to property tax. We count on RPTA and are very pleased with their results.”

Chief Financial Officer, Supply Chain Management Services for Technology

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