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Personal Property Tax Services: Audit Support & Negotiation

Given the complexity of personal property tax returns, people’s propensity for making mistakes and sometimes outright dishonesty, states regularly conduct audits of corporate personal property tax returns. 

Some states, such as Tennessee, California and North Carolina, have state-mandated audit cycles, while other states conduct audits more sporadically.  

Regardless of when or where it happens, when you’re faced with an audit of your personal property, you’re going to want as much assistance at your disposal as possible. 

RPTA offers comprehensive audit support, negotiation and personal property tax services for its clients. In the event of an audit, RPTA will: 

  • Defend the return
  • Provide the auditing jurisdiction with all necessary documents
  • Manage the audit process
  • Find opportunities to mitigate audit expenses
  • Give facility tours when necessary
  • Manage the back end of the audit process
  • Initiate audit appeals for unsatisfactory audit results

Are You In A Deadlocked Negotiation In A Personal Property Tax Audit?
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