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Commercial Property Taxes

Real Property Tax Advisors (RPTA) helps you uncover the real tax value of your property and save money year-over-year. RPTA takes the “real” out of “real estate” and transforms it into five ways we uniquely help you achieve real property tax savings:

RealValuation Methodology

Our deep market experience and representation in all 50 states ensures you have a partner who knows what to look for to save you money during a commercial property tax review and appeal process.

  • Our proven commercial property tax valuation methodology consistently gets you results. RPTA has a 90 percent success rate for property tax appeals.
  • Use our commercial property tax savings timetables to help plan for refunds, whether you own property in one market or many.
  • Our intimate knowledge of U.S. commercial property tax valuation and tax regulations provides real, expert insight into where you should be saving money.

Corporate Clients – Net Return
On Dollars Invested For National Portfolios (2012 – 2014)
ROI Range For The Entire Portfolio = 50% to 2,000%

Overall Portfolio ROI Average: 410%

  • 274% ROI

Printing, digital & supply chain solutions
RPTA Client for over 12 years

  • 643% ROI

Accounting & payroll software provider
RPTA Client since 2009

  • 712% ROI

Wireless communication
RPTA Client since 2014

  • 193% ROI

Leading food, dairy & beverage producer
RPTA Client for over 12 years

  • 537% ROI

Luxury car dealership
RPTA Client for over 15 years

  • 590% ROI

International apparel design sourcing & marketing company
RPTA Client since 2011

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Real Benchmarks


Not everyone has the time, resources and information available to know if they’re paying more property tax compared to neighbors in the same market. With RPTA, you’ll have peace of mind to:

  • Know how your commercial property tax assessment stands against the real market value and whether you’re in a position to successfully appeal for a lower assessment.
  • Rely on Real Benchmarks to ensure your commercial property tax assessment is accurate and fair.
  • Enjoy a methodical approach based on an expert assessment of local and national real estate data.

See Your Savings On Up To 5 Properties — Free!

Real Predictable Savings Plan



We’re not just your property tax advisor, we’re your partner. We realize you don’t have the resources or expertise to mine your data for hidden savings, but we know how valuable these commercial property tax savings are to you and your business.

  • With the RealAccess promise, we take care of your property taxes, so you can focus on your business.
  • You’ll partner with a single member of our team who conveniently serves as your single point of contact for all your properties. 

RealView Dashboard

We make staying up-to-date easy. RPTA’s 24/7-accessible RealView Dashboard ensures you know exactly what’s happening with your entire property portfolio in real time, every step of the way.

  • Never miss an important update with the dashboard’s convenient, customizable event-based alerts.
  • Easily access real-time updates for tax bill payments, open appeals and tax savings to date.

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