Commercial Property Tax Litigation: Case Management And Support

When a commercial property assessment appeal goes to litigation, RPTA guides the strategy and provides the experts you need to make your case.

Property Tax Litigation Isn’t Easy

If your commercial property assessment appeal goes to litigation after your provider has clearly outlined the cost benefit of filing, you’ll need a litigation attorney and expert testimony from an appraiser who can withstand legal scrutiny in order to effectively make your case. But, gathering necessary documentation and putting together a case strategy is complex work requiring expert knowledge, as well as a lot of time and resources.

Fortunately, RPTA’s commercial property tax experts are ready to help you. We offer a robust range of commercial property tax litigation and case management services, managing key aspects of litigation and offering strategic insight drawn from years of experience.

Case Management With RPTA

Among other services, RPTA:

  • Vets multiple attorneys, appraisers and other expert witnesses and makes recommendations for your consideration based on your case
  • Provides background, data and analytics from related proceedings
  • Offers expert testimony on your behalf in the courtroom, when necessary
  • Helps guide your case strategy at a high level
  • Manages correspondence and calendars between clients, attorneys and appraisers

RPTA’s RealAccess keeps you involved in the entire property tax litigation process, while we manage every aspect of execution. We leverage our extensive experience across jurisdictions to proactively track deadlines and ensure compliance.

Put Your Litigation In Expert Hands

Your case’s results are going to positively or negatively affect your business’s bottom line. Don’t step into the courtroom without the expertise and resources you need. RPTA is ready to manage key elements of your property tax litigation and guide you through the process.

Appealing A Property Tax Assessment In Court? Make The Strongest Case

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