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Impact Of Purchase Analysis

If you add $100 million worth of commercial real estate to your property portfolio, your commercial real estate taxes are going to increase. But by how much?

You want to pay as few taxes on your property acquisitions as possible, but what can you do to minimize the new tax bill? 

The expert commercial property tax consultants at RPTA know where to look in your acquisition to mitigate future tax expenses.

Our impact-of-purchase analysis process builds upon the acquisition due diligence service we offer our clients.

Based on historical analysis, we look into your future tax payments. If you anticipate acquiring a property, RPTA can make projections on the acquisition to determine the overall tax impact of the purchase. 

For example, if only $75 million of your $100 million acquisition was for real estate, we know how to assess the tax impact of the real estate purchase, as well as how to help the jurisdictions properly allocate between personal property and other intangibles acquired, so you secure the most advantageous tax position possible on your real estate.

We look at all the tax details of your commercial real estate purchases and determine what your true fair share of taxes should be.

Stop Paying More Than Your Fair Share Of Taxes! 

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