Property Tax Expert Anne Sheehan On What It Means To Be A ‘Nasty Woman’

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Jan 26, 2017

Editor's Note:

Property tax expert Anne Joyner Sheehan is a “nasty woman.”

She said so herself in her recent acceptance speech at the 2016 Women Who Mean Business awards reception. Anne was a winner of this year’s prestigious award, which recognized her as a woman who is driving business in the real estate industry, who is leaving an indelible mark on her community and who is blazing a trail for aspiring female leaders everywhere.

So, what is a “nasty woman”?

The night before the Women Who Mean Business awards, Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” on national TV in the last presidential debate. I don’t think we, as women or even as Americans, realized at the time the full impact of this comment until the recent Women’s March in January 2017, when millions of people marched for human rights not only in Washington, D.C. and the U.S. but also around the world in a powerful response to President Trump’s rhetoric.

Trump’s intent was to hurt his opponent and to intimidate her by using the phrase “nasty woman.” What actually happened with that remark was a huge transfer of power, not only to Clinton, but to 50% of the American population who control spending in the U.S. yet are paid only a percentage of what the white male is paid for the same job.

property-tax-expert-anne-sheehan.jpgIn my remarks, I referenced one of the other Women Who Mean Business award winners, who wanted to be a cowboy but was told that she had to fall off of her horse four times before she could be one. This woman mastered riding a horse without ever taking that fourth fall and decided that she was a cowgirl, as she never needed to take that fourth fall.

Another award winner was a lawyer who embraced being called a Mexican, although she is a Latina woman. She finally realized that she had power in being noticed and respected, even if people got her nationality wrong. She now has a platform to gently correct them and to move the conversation forward productively.

My point is that when someone says something that appears hurtful or degrading, figure out a way to embrace it, own it and leverage it to rise above (far above) the original intent of the comment. We are better than that, hands down, and together we can create a larger power.

About Anne Sheehan

Anne Joyner Sheehan is a commercial property tax expert and the Chief Revenue Officer of Real Property Tax Advisors. She is highly respected and regularly recognized for her expertise on women’s leadership and business as well as commercial property tax management. Anne’s recent honors include being a 2016 winner of the Women Who Mean Business award as well as a 2017 Enterprising Women Of The Year award winner.

In her role at Real Property Tax Advisors (RPTA), Anne works with businesses to manage their commercial property portfolio and to strategically mitigate their risk of property taxes. RPTA’s methods are so effective that the firm has a 90% success rate for commercial property tax appealswith an average property tax reduction of 31%. RPTA is certified as a Women’s Business Enterprise (WBE).

To learn more about Anne and how her firm helps organizations save millions on property taxes, visit

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