[Infographic]: The Cold, Hard Truth - Budgeting for Commercial Property Taxes

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Nov 29, 2018

It is a cold, hard truth that budgeting for commercial property taxes can be difficult. The stakes are high. If you get it wrong, your annual property tax bill can often be a budget-breaker. To create a meaningful budget that truly helps you manage your cash flow, owners need to know and understand the realities of property tax.

GAAP won’t work - GAAP requires amortized historical cost while property tax requires fair market value.

Unpredictable - Process controlled by local taxing authorities and tax payers have the burden of proof.

Local resources - State law is executed at the local level with available resources.

Before you need to grab a lifeboat, learn more in our infographic below.

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Commercial Property Taxes Budgeting Infographic

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