3 Yoga Skills Every Entrepreneur Can Use To Achieve Business Growth

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Feb 22, 2017
It was 5 a.m., and I was in my home office with a cup of steaming black coffee. I had a blog to write (this blog) that I had known about for weeks, but I had no idea where to start. This should be a walk in the park for me, I thought. I’ve had my business, Real Property Tax Advisors (RPTA), for 15 years and have grown it into a national, multi-million dollar company, so writing about business growth should be easy. I’ve made every mistake possible (and then some), but I still don’t know where to start.

So, I did the only thing I knew that I could do at that hour: I went to power yoga.Incorporate these yoga principles into your business to achieve entrepreneurial growth this year

My yoga class got started with some stretching, and then the instructor, Nancy, reminded us to set our intention for our practice. We proceeded through an amazing routine of sun salutations, vinyasas and a series of planks, twists and binds that would be with me for the rest of the week.

In yoga, there are three key elements to build your practice:

  • Mentally commit and focus on your practice by leaving the noise behind; set your intention, open your heart and commit to only one thing.
  • Start with your foundation – stretching, waking up key muscle groups and finding the rhythm of your breath.
  • Build on your foundation by adding new movements and elements to challenge yourself to go further.
These yoga principles are so powerful that, as an entrepreneur, you can apply them to your company to achieve growth this year. Let’s examine them one by one.

Mentally Commit And Focus

As an entrepreneur, you must resolve to be deliberate, act with intention and mentally commit to the time and resources necessary to grow your business.

Mental clarity and focus are paramount to reaching any goal. When my company, Real Property Tax Advisors,  made a conscious decision to grow in 2016, we worked to gain focus, operational efficiencies and perspective.

One example of our renewed focus: we changed my role from CEO to chief revenue officer, as that role aligns with my strengths and what I love to do. Making sure that you have the right people in the right seats is a good move for any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business.

My areas of focus are now marketing, sales, building our brand and connecting with our target markets. Other members of our team took ownership of the roles that I gave up, with each of those roles aligning closely with that team member’s responsibilities.

Start With Your Foundation

In yoga, to grow stronger, you start by waking up key muscle groups and by finding the rhythm of your breath to establish a solid foundation. 

For an entrepreneur, it is necessary to fully understand your core services, business operations and your rhythm in the marketplace if you aspire to grow.

The most critical thing that we did last year at RPTA was to spend time reviewing the way that we did business and developing an understanding of our foundation. As an entrepreneur, you need to take the initiative to conduct a thoughtful, thorough and honest analysis of your business.

Once we dissected our business operations through honest and raw conversations, we created a document to identify all of our processes and procedures with accountability by department and team member.

The result, as any coach or investment banker will tell you, is a solid foundation to build upon, a path to growth and increased business value.

Build On Your Foundation

Once you have mastered the basics in yoga, you expand your skill set by building on your foundation through adding new movement and elements into your practice, challenging yourself to go further. In business, once you’ve solidified your foundation, you can grow your company in a scalable way.

Build upon your core successes to grow and scale successfully. Find additional ways to create and deliver value for your clients. For example, RPTA focuses on one line item on a P&L statement: how much commercial property tax you have to pay. Yet the team’s expertise, qualifications and experience in commercial real estate make our business a resource for so much more to our clients and community.

By building additional, niche elements onto the rock-solid core of your business, you will have set yourself up for entrepreneurial success.

So now you see the similarities between a yoga practice and growing your business to meet your goals. To quote James Cameron, “Luck is not a factor. Hope is not a strategy. Fear is not an option.”

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