Is Your Commercial Property Tax Bill Significantly Higher This Year?

You're Not Alone. Use This Checklist To Lower Your Tax Bill!

RPTA Checklist

Commercial property tax assessment values are rising across the U.S., but many of these increases cannot be justified.

Appealing your commercial property tax assessment is your first line of defense against an outrageously high tax bill. If appealing is the right choice for you, know that acting quickly is imperative because of the tight deadlines to file an appeal.

Our latest resource, 5 Steps To Combat Your Rising Commercial Property Taxes, shows CFOs and other executives responsible for keeping costs down how to:

  • Understand when it's worthwhile to file a commercial property tax appeal
  • Gather information and prepare to make the case for your appeal
  • Solidify your arguments and successfully present them in an appeal hearing
  • Prepare to take your case to the next level if necessary

If you want to lower your outrageous commercial property tax bill, read our checklist for more details on waging a successful appeal.

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