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Real Property Tax Insights

3 Reasons You Should Have Already Partnered With Property Tax Consultants

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Jul 12, 2017

Property tax management takes more than just addressing your assessment when it arrives, and ignoring property taxes the rest of the year.

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Own Your Own Business? 3 Financial Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs To Learn And Develop

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Jun 28, 2017

Whether you have had your business for many years or just a few months, you won’t be able to deliver on your vision unless you understand the financial information that you need to be successful.

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Women In Real Estate: Are You Sticking With Your Vision?

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Jun 21, 2017

Are your sticking to your vision for your company? Or maybe the real question is, do you even have a vision?

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Do You Understand Your Property Tax Assessment? 3 Facts You Should Know

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Jun 8, 2017

Property tax assessments come every year. Do you know how the value of your commercial property is determined, and what that process means for your own assessment? Most property owners don’t, which leads to them paying more than their fair share in taxes.

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High Heels Or Flats: A Metaphor For Presenting Your Best Self On All Occasions

Posted by Anne Sheehan on May 31, 2017

Why would a woman choose to wear high heels? In the literal sense, they make your legs look longer, elevate your presence (seriously!) and hide the fact that you haven’t had time to get your dress hemmed.

Flats, on the other hand, are comfortable and reasonably fashionable, and you can walk in them all day long and into the night. You don’t have to think about your flats, whereas your high heels keep your attention, one way or another.

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3 Easy Ways To Increase Your Commercial Property's Value

Posted by Anne Sheehan on May 24, 2017

Whether you plan to hold onto your real estate investment, sell it or lease it to tenants, you want to see a high return. Some aspects of commercial property value, such as value based on location, aren’t under your control, but there are a number of aspects you do have control over.

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8 Commercial Real Estate Organizations You Should Consider Joining

Posted by Anne Sheehan on May 17, 2017

I recently attended my Women Presidents’ Organization meeting, where we welcomed six new members into our group. I’m always fascinated to learn about business people and their companies. We are passionate, dedicated and obsessed with our clients, employees and mission.

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4 Aspects Of Property Tax Management You Should Pay Attention To

Posted by Anne Sheehan on May 10, 2017

Property tax management is a huge responsibility, and those assigned to it usually don’t know where to start. Because the process is complex and time-consuming, many companies quite simply pay the amount due based on their property tax assessment, as they are not aware that they can appeal and/or are unfamiliar with the process.

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3 Facts Every CPA Should Know About Business Personal Property Tax Compliance

Posted by Anne Sheehan on May 3, 2017

In states where business personal property is taxed, remaining compliant with the jurisdiction’s business personal property tax regulations can be challenging and time consuming.

So what exactly is business personal property, and why does it matter? Business personal property includes the machinery, equipment, inventory and supplies that companies need to operate and create products for their clients. If business personal property is managed the right way, you could secure savings for your client’s business.

Explore these facts every CPA should know about business personal property tax compliance and find out how to effectively manage business personal property.

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How To Reduce Operating Costs: 4 Tips From Property Tax Experts

Posted by Anne Sheehan on Apr 26, 2017

Companies everywhere are looking for ways to trim excess spending. Cutting overhead costs is an ongoing, universal objective, regardless of the type of business you are in or the type of buildings you occupy.

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